Harry Potter project redesign . Slytherin common room

April 12, 2016


If you have been guessing, yes, I am doing a Harry Potter redesign project. Apart from being one of the story I loved the most, I can’t stop being fascinated by the world JK Rowling built with her words. (also I needed a story I can stick with,work on, and enjoy even during the most stressful times working on it) Here’s a crop of the Slytherin common room sneak peek. 🙂 Stay tuned for more sneak peek coming up.

Come by for my grad show at Art Center College of Design,

  • Date : 23rd April 2016
  • Time : 1-6pm
  • Address : 1700 Lida Street 91103 Pasadena CA
  • Parking : Free on campus

Come say hi, get free hugs. If you just want to look at this snake and not me, that’s fine with me too, I won’t get offended I promise.