Architecture sketches . 1

Time period architecture

XiaoQing Chen_1.1_Ancient_tone

This was a practice to draw a classical architecture piece. I was heavily referencing a lot of Roman plans, and thought maybe they had parades too, like the Macy’s Parade, with huge Hercules’ “balloons”.

XiaoQing Chen_1.3_Ancient_tone

I’m still pretty bad adding figures into my drawings. I just had to with a marketplace scene. Bear with me, I’m trying to improve.

XiaoQing Chen_2.1_Medieval_tone

This one was a lot of fun, trying to build Gothic cathedrals where a little protest takes place down in the square.

XiaoQing Chen_2.2_Medieval_tone

Just an idea, what if Gargoyles were alive, and they guard a top secret underground vault sealed with Rose patterns, living in upside down Gothic towers.