Disney Park Sketches

Urbansketch studies

I have been lucky enough to get a Summer of free entrance to Disneyland and DCA in 2015 because of an internship. Being very embarrassed by the fact that I have only been to Disneyland once, and wanting to learn more about themed spaces, I visited almost every week during internship. I would go on the rides in the morning, and start sketching and painting about noon when the lines get crazy long and I have little patience with lines myself. These were fun, and especially fun when I get to eavesdrop on people to know what they are feeling, experiencing, how they interact…or even come up to have a quick chat. I looked like a weirdo, I was pretty sure. (who go to theme parks and plein air anyway?) I hope you enjoy these sketches and paintings.



The Snow White Queen was looking over my shoulder while I was sketching.

Jungle Cruise and the Market plein air. I’ll forever remember the kind cast member who came to me with a little ice cold water when I painted under that hot Summer California sun.

Disneyland . Main Street Station

Main Street Station during the 60th Diamond Celebration year.


Dave (he worked on Indiana Jones) signed for me before I left my internship. I almost died.


Tomorrowland . Star Tours
Tomorrowland . Star Tours

The lines here get really long. The benches beneath the monorail was where I sat at to paint this page. It was nice talking to parents waiting with strollers.