Panoramic Timeline

Harry Potter Redesign Project

The Harry Potter Redesign Project’s focus are on the common rooms redesigns, but I also wanted a piece to sum up the Harry Potter story, hence this timeline in monoline graphics below. The initial idea was to do a loooooong painting, that did not happen (which also means I am working on it), but this came out instead. The silhouette shows the story’s up and down, as well as its visual language. The same goes to the bottom patterns — each section has a different pattern to it. I had a little glass case dedicated to Snape and Lily’s childhood, try finding that if it interests you?

Things that did not work out

This was printed as a 150 inches long matte print, with the initial idea of having invisible ink on some parts of this timeline which, when revealed with blacklight, show little writings and graphics. This explains the use of neon green in this piece against a dark background. I wanted it to glow. (The revelations were supposed to be the little graphics that were callouts in this piece below.) This idea also did not work out due to my carelessness of not trying the ink out on dark matte paper. My goal next is to find a printer that prints UV ink, and realize the initial idea. If this work, I will definitely share this 😉

HP panorama timeline-07


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HP panorama timeline-01

HP panorama timeline-02

HP panorama timeline-03

HP panorama timeline-04

HP panorama timeline-05

HP panorama timeline-06

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