Hufflepuff Common Room

Harry Potter Redesign Project

This Harry Potter Redesign Project is created for my senior show at Art Center College of Design, which just happened in Spring 2016. The focus was to reimagine the four Hogwarts houses, specifically their common rooms. The common rooms were not featured as heavily in the movies, so I decided to give them a try. Part of the challenge was to create four distinct visual language that also belongs in the same world. I have always loved the Harry Potter stories but never got to slowly analyse them. This was a practice to discover what I actually love about the world JK Rowling magically built. To add some flavors into these common room redesign, I added some sort of mystery room/floor/space to each house, and also decided that each house is entrusted a certain responsibility in keeping Hogwarts running. (I think Hermione would agree that the house elves can’t be doing all the work)


Hufflepuff Common Room

House element
/ Earth
House animal
/ Badger
House traits
/ Dedicated, Loyal & Just, Patience, Values fair play

Hufflepuff’s element is earth. To stay true to their low profile nature, but still showing their highly underrated talent and kindness, the architect decided that stepping into the Hufflepuff common room should feel literally like stepping into more magical worlds.

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The main floor

Hufflepuff’s common room is located right beside the Hogwarts kitchen. Described as the most homely of all four common rooms, it is equipped with squashy armchairs and a cosy fireplace that are nest to fireflies. These fireflies are born from fire and glow like their Muggle counterparts. Books and snack jars can be easily found everywhere in this room. A family tree nest in the middle of the common room. Its chopped off trunk serve as a tabletop, while its roots extend to the bottom floor where the house ghost feeds it with stories.

The Story floor

The Hufflepuff ghost sits in the rocking chair underneath the roots of “the family tree”. Every day at bedtime, the ghost feeds it with stories, often attracting Hufflepuffs to gather around and listen before going off to their beds through tunnels from this floor.

The Tropics & The Mountains

A water column shoots out from underneath the room, forming a perfect habitat for tropical plants, vines, and parasitic vegetations in this area. Hufflepuffs venture “into the wild” to study these plants at every stage of their growth. Likewise, the snowy mountain on the other side is the natural habitat for high altitude plants. The ice caves serve as storage vaults that keep rare plants/ plants with shorter life span for study purpose.

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