Ravenclaw Common Room

Harry Potter Redesign Project

This Harry Potter Redesign Project is created for my senior show at Art Center College of Design, which just happened in Spring 2016. The focus was to reimagine the four Hogwarts houses, specifically their common rooms. The common rooms were not featured as heavily in the movies, so I decided to give them a try. Part of the challenge was to create four distinct visual language that also belongs in the same world. I have always loved the Harry Potter stories, but never got to slowly analyze them. This was a practice to discover what I actually love about the world JK Rowling magically built. To add some flavors into these common room redesigns, I added some sort of mystery room/floor/space to each house, and also decided that each house is entrusted a certain responsibility in keeping Hogwarts running. (I think Hermione would agree that the house elves can’t be doing all the work)

Ravenclaw Common Room

House element
/ Air
House animal
/ Eagle
House traits
Intelligent, Knowledgable, Witty & Curious

Ravenclaw’s element of air naturally brings in more light. Sitting on top of a tower, Ravenclaw’s tower is a lighthouse to all knowledge seekers.

main banner_ravenclaw-01

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The main floor

Ravenclaws enter the main floor by answering a riddle. A brass eagle knocker then transform into a crystal eagle, revealing the common room behind it when the riddle is correctly answered. A crystal farm sits in the middle of the room, with counters for experiments and studies. A fireplace made entirely of crystal sits on the opposite end of the room. When lit, the crystal eagle seems like it is ready to take flight. The high ceiling of this room gives it excellent ventilation and natural lighting.

On Top of the Tower

A giant chandelier and mobile hangs off of the top of Ravenclaw tower. Ravenclaws gather here for meetings, meditation, or just to hangout. Refractions of light through the crystal windows and chandelier help create a magical space. This room is accessible via a spiral staircase that surrounds the inside of the main floor below. Held up by charms with crystal bits, the stairs transform into a slide when needed. Ravenclaws often have fun sliding down this giant slide.

Study Terrariums

Ravenclaws are known for their introverted sides, often spending time alone with books. Study terrariums of various sizes float in the study area, where Ravenclaws can study in peace, while still having company of their peers.


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