(If you have been here and was wondering where did qing’s portfolio went, my website went down for some reasons on the wordpress theme’s end, and I’m still trying to fix it. Hopefully it’ll be back this week! )

Thank you for swinging by!

This is qing (pronounced “ching”). I am an aspiring environment sketch artist and designer on work days, urban sketcher and cafe hopper on off days. I am from Sarawak, Malaysia, currently residing in Pasadena. Please feel free to look around and let me know if I can be of any service to your projects. I will be very glad to know what your thoughts are too on the projects you see here.

Some things that I lug around in my backpack include a compact beat up watercolor set, some aquash waterbrushes, a sketchbook, pencil, mini first aid kit, my phone charger and a pair of bike gloves, and my bike lights. I love rain, the smell of fresh cut grass, cricket sounds at night, coffee, tea, and breakfast.